Board 2021-2022 "All Out"

Kim Buursema

Chairman and Vice-Commissioner of Internal Affairs


Hey, my name is Kim and I am 20 years old and I come from a small village in Drenthe named Erm. I am the chairman and vice-internal affairs, my main task is to make sure that the board stays on track. Besides that, I meet with a lot of different parties and I support Roy in his function as the internal affairs.

During my Kick-In I immediately got enthusiastic about Stress and being active, so I joined the events committee. In my second year I joined KIDS, to organize a great Kick-In for others as well. These committees were a lot of fun and I thought that it would be nice to do something even bigger, so I decided to apply for a board year.


Besides doing a board year, I play volleyball at Harambee and I like to drink some beers with my sorority BSV. At home, I also have a piano which I sometimes try to play on. However, I have never had any lessons so I am not the best at it. While I am in the Stressroom I enjoy annoying Roy (which she is very good at -Roy), eating buenos and playing games.

Hugo Lubbers

Secretary, Acting Commissioner of External Affairs, Alumni relations, ICT and Vice-Treasurer


My name is Hugo Lubbers, I am the secretary and responsible for ICT and alumni affairs. I am 23 years old, was born and raised in Hengelo (Gelderland) and moved to Enschede a year ago. Before starting with IEM I did half a year of Advanced Technology and worked as a snowboard instructor in Austria for a couple of months.

In my first year studying IEM I joined Stress as the chairman of the ExcurCie, after which I was the treasurer of the KIDS committee while finishing my second year. I learned a lot in these two committees, but was not yet satisfied so I decided to apply for a full-time board year at Stress.


I love waking up early, my smoothies for breakfast and a salad every now and then. Regular customers of the Stress room can often find me making “tosti’s” with pesto, and know I’m not someone who gets cold quickly. Often I lose myself while reading books, sometimes losing all feeling in my legs after deciding to read ‘just one chapter’ while on the toilet. Besides all of this I try to stay fit by doing yoga every morning and swimming once in a while.

Belle Tienstra

Treasurer and International Affairs


Well hello there, my name is Belle, treasure of the 47th board and besides that functional treasurer and commissioner of international affairs. I am 21 and born in Boalsert (Bolsward in Frisia), no worries if you do not know it. Before I started my academic life in Enschede I studied Econometrics and Operational Research in Groningen. However I was always attracted to life on campus, so you can guess where I live now.

My career within Stress is quite short compared to the other board members, because I only joined my first committee last year. I was not sure what I had gotten myself into when I asked to be put into the KIDS committee, but quickly found myself organising this huge event. During this year I learned that organising these types of larger scaled events was something I would like to do on a more frequent basis. My interest for a board year grew at the same pace as my interest in committees, later than most but still fast enough to apply last year. I had not fully decided until being invited for an interview, where I found out how much I liked the challenge of accomplishing great things with a small group.


Well career talk is all fun and games but let's get to the fun stuff, I love colours and have most of my agenda’s and to do lists looking like rainbows in no time. When you come to the room you can always hear me, either complaining that it is cold, giggling or walking on the new heels i just bought. Yes, having fun and shopping are two of the three things keeping me busy in my spare time. The third being my family, those who have not met all three of us can count themselves lucky if I have to believe my fellow board members.

Roy Koers

Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Public Relations, and Vice-Commissioner of External Affairs


Hola, it’s the commissioner of internal affairs & public relations here: Roy. I am currently 21 years young and from the lovely town of Terwolde, Gelderland. Since a couple of months I have moved to Enschede since I felt like I had annoyed my parents enough. Now a 4th year student, I have been studying IEM for 3 years, with varying success. As the Commissioner of Internal Affairs I am responsible for our members and all of the incredibles committees of our association. My other function makes me responsible for all of our social media like WhatsApp and Instagram (don’t forget to follow us). I also assist Floris as the vice-commissioner of external affairs, this means that I can let Floris do all of the hard work and I can accompany him to all of the fun meetings.


Out of the six of us, I have the longest Stress-career, making me wise and definitely not old. I started in the DrinkCie as an excuse to join all of the Friday Afternoon Drinks without my parents thinking I was an alcoholic. Organising the drinks and working together in this team was such a great experience that I decided to become active the year after as well, in the KIDS committee. This was a whole step up from the DrinkCie, but nevertheless a lot of fun and very educational. In my third year I wanted to organise some bigger events, so I joined the WeekendCie together with some people from my do-group: Toeter. After three years of committees and studying I decided that I was up for the challenge and applied for a board year at our beautiful association. A decision that I will never regret.

Besides all of the serious stuff I do at Stress, I also try to maintain a social life. This entails playing football (not the American one) at my home town of Terwolde, mostly excelling in the third half. But also hitting the gym a couple of times per week, with as many different people as possible, so if you’re down message me ;). Since I don’t like to have any spare time, I also joined a fraternity: N.T.B. where we have bi-weekly craft beer drinks and other activities together. Besides this I don’t really have any specific hobbies, but I am always down for anything, as long as it does not involve me drinking wine. But what I enjoy most is meeting new people and speak to all of our great members, so please drop by at the Stress room if you want to have a chat or a cheap laugh, hopefully see you soon!

Floris Vorderman

Commissioner of External Affairs


Hi! My name is Floris, I am 21 years old and I’m from the beautiful town of Wierden. I study IEM (like all of the current board members) and am now a third year student. As the Commissioner of External Affairs it is up to me to establish contact between companies and our beautiful association, and set up collaborative events to help our members develop themselves. Besides that I am also the Vice Treasurer, which means I help Belle with her duties as Treasurer whenever she needs.

The first committee I joined was the Gala Committee in my first year. I really liked working towards an event, and putting in  the effort to set it up. In my second year I wanted something similar, but with more of a challenge, which is why I decided to join the KIDS committee. Belle, Hugo and Kim were also in the KIDS Committee, so hanging out with them a lot did cause me to become more and more interested in doing a board year.


But there are more things going on in my life other than Stress. I am part of the dogroup HG Den Bollen Buick and Dispuut SIGMA, with which I like to hang out and drink beers from time to time. When I am at home, I like to either play some video games, or chill on the couch with my housemates and watch “trash” (really bad dutch tv programs). When it comes to working out, I am still looking for a good sport to try now that I live in Enschede, though I have been living here long enough now that this excuse does not really work anymore…

Anniek Pelleboer

Commissioner of Educational Affairs, Vice-Chairman and Commissioner of SBZ


Hello everyone! My name is Anniek, I am 19 years old and I am originally from Glane, a small town nearby Enschede. Like the rest I also study IEM. My main task in the board is being the Commissioner of Educational Affairs, so I am responsible for all education related matters. Besides this I am the Vice Chairman and the person responsible for all SBZ related matters.

I got active at Stress in my first year, by joining the StressTrip committee as chairman. Unfortunately we were never able to go on the trip itself, but still I learned a lot. I liked being active, so therefore I applied to join the Stress Congress committee, which organizes the yearly symposium. In this committee I was responsible for all logistics during the day. Besides developing yourself it has always been a lot of fun being active at Stress.


I may be busy with being a board member, but that is not all I do. I like running, swimming, biking (when I fix my bike) and playing tennis every once in a while. I am part of the sorority SIGMA, with which I do many fun things. I am also a member of the rowing association Euros. Although I am more of a sponsor to them this year, I do enjoy rowing. One of the less common hobbies of mine is scuba diving. It is always so cool to be underwater and look around.