Audit Committee (KasCo)

the audit committee reports to the General Members Assembly of Stress. This committee monitors the finances of the board and committees and reports to the Council concerning this matter.

Since the 96nd GMA, held on the 9th of September 2021, the new Audit Committee consists of:

  • Job Velthuis
  • Britt Marsman
  • Manouk Te Wierik
  • Ruben den Hartog
  • Yorick Moleman
  • Laurens Derkx

Council of Trust (CoT)

The Association also has a Council of Trust (CoT). The Council was set up to advise and assist the board in order to ensure the continuity of the association. The members of the council are former board members. If you ever have an issue with our board, you can reach them via

The Council of Trust is currently composed of:

  • Jeroen Assink
  • Myrthe Kruit
  • Daan Peters
  • Daniël Snieder
  • Julian Timmers

Association Council (AC)

In addition to all the committees concerned with operational activities, there is also the Association Council. This council puts the knowledge and experience of former board members and former active members to good use by freely providing advice to the association its board.

The current members of the Association Council are:

  • Wouter Rietveld
  • Michiel Cornelissen
  • Robert Andringa
  • Maarten de Wit
  • Ward Uylenberg